Today On Living Effectively

                  STAGNANCY PANACEA .

A grateful thought toward heaven every morning they say,is itself a prayer. Cicero added, “a thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues”. Gratitude to God every day is the only viable path to a world of no limit and a gate way to the your next level in life.

It is very sad how forgetful we can be about God goodness and Providences in our daily lives. There is no doubt, a lot of water have passed under the bridge of our lives but we have not been swept away by it ugly crosscurrent. This is nothing but His undeserving mercy upon us. The psalmist was so grateful to acknowledge the goodness and mercies of God by declaring, “bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name, bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits”. It is worth thanksgiving for everything God has done and will do in our lives. For those who have been saved from the power of sin with hope of eternal life should unreservedly be grateful to God Because, it is the greatest asset of life. 

Looking back in our passing days and years in life, we are left with no option but to express our utmost gratitude to God for His abundance mercy and love He has made available. There is nobody on the planet who does not have a cause to appreciate God for what He has done. But it appears the reverse is the case, being clouded by our seemly unmet needs and desires. 

This is nothing but a gross ingratitude to God. For God commended his Love toward us in that,when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. This is an unmerited and underserved love that should attract total gratitude to the King of kings.

The scripture records, “if it is not the Lord who has been on our side, when the enemy rose up, they would have swallowed us up quick”. What a timely intervention that is!  A grateful heart to God for what He has done remain a veritable tool and instrument for a flight to a world of no limit. It is popularly said that, “an heart of appreciation makes application for more”.

There are three depositions and attitude of gratitude to God that qualify you to an unending realm of rest and launches you to an inexhaustible store house of God. First, Thanksgiving; this is appreciating God for what He has done and will do. Secondly, Praising Him. This is a conscious and deliberate effort and act of acknowledging and recognising God for who He is and Thirdly, worshipping Him for His promises and His awesome power to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

These three dimensional responsibility to God launches any man to a world of supernatural abundance and victory unprecedented. It provoke divine doors open and breakthrough unlimited.

Therefore, the quickest way to move to the next level in life and to enter into the realm of rest and superabundant supplies is to be grateful to God for what He has done and will do. Therefore, cultivate an attitude of gratitude!!


Living Effectively… Helping you to know why you are alive.



Today on Living Effectively.

                         JUST IN YOUR HANDS.

It is said that, the world will only remember you by what you have done and not what you are planing to do. Nobody knows what is in your mind until you implement it for the betterment of humanity and the society and the best time to do that is NOW! The future depends on what you do today.

The management guru and scholar Peter Druker, once remarked that “The very best way to predict your future is to create it”. Thomas Edison added, “if we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves”. You will not know your capability unless you start something.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away, there lived an old man in a house on top of a hill. He had dedicated his entire life to study and meditation. He was known far and wide for his intelligence, sensitivity and wisdom. Politicians, business people and dignitaries came to visit him to ask questions. His answers were always correct. He seemed to have a special faculty that enabled him to cut to the essence of any problem or issue. When his answers and solutions were implemented, the result was always excellent. His fame soon spread throughout the land.

In the village below the hill was a group of boys who played together. Sometimes they climbed the hill to visit the old man and ask him questions, for which he always seemed have the correct answer. Over time, it became a little game, with the boys continually trying to think of a question that the old man could not answer. But they were never successful.

One day, the ringleader of the group, a boy named Aram, called the others around him and said, “I have finally found a way to stump the old man. Here in my hand, I have a bird. We will go and ask the old man if the bird is alive or dead. If he says that it is dead, I will release it and it will fly away. If he says that it is alive, I will crush it, and the bird will be dead. Either way, he will at last have been proven wrong”. Excited about the prospect of finally catching the old man with a wrong answer, they hurried up the hill. The old man watched them coming and noticed the eager looks on their faces. Then Aram stepped forward and asked, “Old man, I have a bird here in my hands. Is it alive or is it dead?”

The old man looked at their mischievous, expectant faces and then quietly said, “Aram, it is in your hands.” 

Dear friend, the point and moral of this story is that almost everything that happens to you is in your hands. Your destiny is very much up to you. Your future is largely determined by yourself, by your daily choices and decisions. The way you use and manage your time will be a cumulative result of your future destiny. You are a product of your decision and not of your circumstance. Make today count, contribute to your tomorrow. Arise today and achieve tomorrow; begin today and become somebody tomorrow. Tomorrow is in the womb of Today.

 Living Effectively therefore, seize this ample opportunity to encourage you to make the most of your time as we observe how time flies!!! As it is said that time is life. A wasted time is also a wasted life and the sad thing is, it can not be recovered or retrieved. How sad that is!

You must not forget, waiting make you a victim; hoping make you a prisoner.Therefore, if is it going to be, It is up to you! It’s therefore ‘In Your Hands!!!


Living effectively… Helping you to know why you are alive!!! 



Today on living effectively

                     THE ELUSIVE CONCEPT.

It is said that,he who dare to waste one hour,has not yet discovered the significance of time. The popular maxims are also not unfamiliar to us such as,Time is life,time is money, time is treasure and so on.

The concept of time is an elusive one. If you try to grasp it,it eludes.Time is of a universal consequence to all and sundry. No one is richer and better gifted in time than another. The world president as well as the pauper in the street so to say, have the same  number of hours everyday.The ability and wisdom to use it appropriately makes a world of difference between the poor,the rich and the bigwigs in the society so to speak.

Some of the qualities and characteristics of time are worthy of note,so interesting as well as instructive, such as; time is life,time is money,time is treasure, time loss cannot be recovered or retrieved,time wait for no one,time has no honour and respect for age,tribe,race and continent,it has no respect for your age, gender,feeling/emotions,suggestions and opinion etc. It sticks without  your apology and permission.

Every human endeavors have been designed to function on time and purpose. These two concepts are Siamese twins that work/walk hand in hand in fulfilling destiny. The scripture is replete with assertions on the significance of time as well as the tradegy and peril of wasting and the wrong use of time.This is why it declares, “Redeem the time for the days are evil”..Destinies and potentials have been ruptured as a result of the wrong use of time and energy.purposes,privileges,opportunity and plans have been amputated due to a careless use of time and a lack of discretion utilize it purposefully.

Dear friend, have you discovered the essence and imports of time lately? How have you been using your time and energy? How old you are you now? Can say confidently that you have maximize the use of your time lately?Does your achievements so to speak,commensurates with the number of your age and time wasted already? What have you been using your time for? Etc,you must remember that,time Wait for no one:don’t pretend as though,you don’t know you are aging every second that passes. You are closer to your grave by the hour.yesterday is gone,tomorrow may not be yours but today and now are the only  two big moments that you can make your life and the use of time to count effectively.

Procrastination and indecisions in life,are the biggest subtle satanic strategies and dreadful monsters that sap and amputates your opportunities and make you waste your irrecoverable treasure of time. Dear friend, do you have a project at hand? Career to pursue? vision to achieve? Examination to write? Which ever one on your hand right now, you must not forget that,you are the architect of your fortune and misfortunes. Your today decisions, action and inactions will tell in the nearest time and eternity.Redeem the time! 

You have contemplated,being sluggish,waited and complacent enough,it’s high time you move to the next level.It is also worthy of note that your level of energy to pursue your visions,dreams,goals etc,dissipates  by the hour and your passion and impetuosity decline on the alter of procrastination and indifference. Redeem the time! redeem your energy.Make hay while the sun shine. Hello friend, redeem the time!!!


Living effectively… Helping you to know why you are alive to redeem the time.



Today on living effectively


“The best portion of a good man’s life, his little nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love is a correct relationship with another man.” William Wordsworth. Mr Jone Citizens added,

“Two things determine your tomorrow:the people you associate with and the books you read.”

The quality and quantity of your relationships with other people will determine your success as much or more than any other factor. It has been established in previous episodes that you learned several ways to become a far more,positive optimistic and likable person. 

Here,you will learn how to systematically expand your network of contacts and relationships. This strategy will help you increase the likelihood that you will meet the right person at the right time with the right information or opportunity for you.

The Law of Relationships explains one of the most critical success factors of all. It says, “Relationships are essential; the more people who know

you and think of you in a positive way, the more opportunities you will have to achieve your goals.”

Dear friend, Do you know that however Smart you think you are, you can’t be in two different places at the same time? and it is impossible to reach your goals and dreams yourself?  This is where building quality contact comes in. Everyone needs someone in one capacity or the other to reach a destination.

Every important change in your life will involve other people. If you want to achieve big goals, you will need the active involvement and cooperation of many other people.

Often, the direction of your life will be changed by a simple comment, a piece of advice or a single action by one person. The more good relationships you have, and the more helpful people you know, the more often the right doors will open for you.

Dear friend,who is your friend,who are your contacts how valuable and significance are your relationships? I have said time without number, that any person in your life who does not add value to you is not worth being your friend. Therefore, define who your friends are and build profitable and productive contacts.  Disconnect from wrong company and dare to cultivate relationships with progressive individuals. For a smooth and fast progress in all facets of your life,correct contact is indispensable. Build the right contact and network correctly.


Living effectively.. Helping you to go beyond mere existing and to live more effectively everyday.



Today on Living Effectively.

                   THE EVERGREEN MANDATE.

The great commission remain the innermost heart beat of God. Before the departure of our Lord Jesus Christ, He commissioned and delegated the duty of soul winning to His disciples and by extension, to you and me. Nothing is as disheartening and depressing as the knowledge of the destiny and destination of the sinners. The Bible verdict is clear on the fate and destiny of the wicked and sinners.The psalmist declared, “the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God”. What a tradegy! 

John the beloved added in the book of revelation in the twentieth chapter, in the fifteenth verse that, “WHOSOEVER was not found written in the book of life, was cast into the lake of fire”.  What a despiccable, inescapable reality of the lots of sinners; this should make us uncomfortable.

A lot of persons in our society today have forsaken and forgotten the Lord and His laws.They live each day as though God does not exist. Moreso, they are stack indifferent to the warnings and the commandments of the Lord. As far as the scripture is in place, they are the valid candidates for hell fire: where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. What a terrible and ugly place to imagine!

Many christians in our society today, who profess to be children of God are mere faithful religious bigots. With a high sense of adequate Church attendance without righteousness and the fear of God in their hearts. They have a form of godliness but lack the power thereof. How saddening, sitting under the message of salvation and still living in sin. But know that the Spirit of God will not continue to strive with man. Romans 1:28 says “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convinient”. I pray that your situation will not get to that extent in Jesus name.

This is the state of our society and hell is a fate of every unregenerated  individuals. It is therefore our responsibility to GO and warn them of the impending and eminent judgment that awaits them.

“GO ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” is an expression of command to every believer who have been saved and washed by the blood of the Lamb. It is not a discriminatory responsibility and mandate but a necessary urgent task to all and sundry in everyday that dawns.

Dear friend, the state and fate of the sinners around us should compel us to run after them. It has to be something to us henceforth: or is it nothing to you that people are dying and heading to eternity unprepared? Is it nothing that the people in world have forgotten their creator? Is it nothing to you that darkness is gradually covering the earth and gross darkness the people? We must not forget that God has made us the light of the world. Darkness rules where light is absent, problems/sins reign when the saviour/solution are ignored.

You and I must not allow things to fall apart in our generation. We must consciously determine to be agents of change in the society to enforce and restore a level of social and spiritual sanctity to the society so that the next generation and posterity will not frown at our negligence. Go and tell them Jesus loves them and has provided an escape route from the power and horror of hell and if you are not saved, don’t dare delay. Now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation. Accept Him into your life and surrender to His Lordship and join the wagon of the great commission. It is very simple to carry out this great assignment just GO! When last did you tell your friends about Jesus and His love for humanity?


Living effectively..helping you to know why you are alive.



Today on Living Effectively

                       BURY IT !

One of the strongest and most powerful force preventing and impeding a man’s journey to destiny in  life is that of his detestable past. It has the capacity to  limit, stagnate, becloud and prevent him from moving and seeing the silver line ahead.

This force has limited a lot of destinies from attaining greatness. Everyone living on the planet has a past. It is such a past, either good or bad that brings him to the point where he is now. Where you are today, is a function of where you were and have been yesterday (your past).

One without a past has no present and the future. The challenge is not having the past, but letting go the past. Every past is dead except you decide to give it life by reliving it. There are some persons in the society who constantly relive and reflect back to the dump things they have done. Yes, You must have done some funny and unthinkable things in the past but believe me,you are still loaded with fantastic treasures. It is a waste of effort, time and energy to cry over a spilled milk they say. It is impossible to repair the past but you can learn from it to avoid a re-occurence. This is the best remedy to a destestible past. Grasp it!

Dear friend, it is true that your past has been broken, battered and shattered. You must have been in relationship and friendship where you have been jilted, ruined and disappointed big time. Yours might be lost or absence of loved ones like parents who should care and cater for you, lost of virginity through painful incidents of rape, victims of armed robbery with damaged memories, lost of precious objects or money through fraudulent actions and the like. Others might have taken a wrong decision in the choice of career, spouse and marital life; some have put their hands in abortion and all kinds of blood shed and they are being haunted by the detestable past. Whichever category of the past you fall in, the best thing is not to stay and ruminate on the past but to summon courage and power to let go. Am very sure you must have been terribly hurt and disappointed by your loved ones and  various circumstances in life. 

It is  true that Life might not have been a bed of roses to you all through life. But the good news is that, it is not the end of your life. Just a subset of it.

However your past has been, your present and your future is still bigger, brighter and better than the past. Your negative past is just a fraction of your life which you were not watchful and careful enough about. Dear friend, you must not allow your past to dictate your happiness and the joy of future hope.

There are a lot of persons who were once victims of such circumstances as described above; I am one, Oprah wilfrey another and our Lord Jesus Christ, the ultimate but today, we have been able to overcome and are now testimonies and champions. You must dare to cuecue up with us; the latest champions to pioneer your future. Drop every damaged mentality that has impeded your progress and resolve to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ.

Finally, submit to the Lordship of Christ, the master over the storms of life to calm every raging past that have been haunting you. Confess your past sins, unwatchfulness and moment of carelessness to Him. Ask for pardon, learn from the past and forget it and move on.  If any man be in Christ is a new creature; old past has been buried. Don’t resurrect it any more by reliving it via thinking and constant reflecting back to it ugly past. Therefore, cultivate the new nature mentality, and the winning mentality that put your past under your feet.You must dare to drop your past and be free to face the future with courage and confident. Drop your past! congratulations!!!


Living Effectively…helping you to know why you are alive.



Today on living effectively

                IGNORE THE NEGATIVES !

Nelson Mandela says,”Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies”

It is said that the most desirable practical Christian virtues in Christendom are giving and forgiveness. These virtues are desirable because, they create an environment and platform for mutual and social interaction without friction among people.

Sustainable and profitable relationships are build and flourished on the wings of giving and forgiveness. Giving shows you are not selfish, self-centered, etc whereas, forgiveness shows your are matured and smarter than the situation and the person who hurts you.

Forgive and forget who hurt you in the past but never forget the lessons he or she taught you. Everyone deserves a second Chance but not on the same mistake.

If someone you love hurt you,one of the best things to do is to forgive him or her and move on to find happiness elsewhere. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you suffer.Make your life an envious one and worth of reference.

Let go when you are hurting too much,give up when love isn’t enough, move on when things aren’t like  before and when you notice the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go.

Dear  friend,It’s high time you let go the hurt from your friends, family,neighbours,colleagues etc.It is crucial to let go because,it sets you free from hurt and pioneers your future. 

Whatsoever and whosoever has hurt you,don’t keep on nursing the pain instead put it off,forgive and move on. Your future is bigger,better and higher than your past and whoever hurts.Therefore, don’t be imprisoned by the hurt but you must pioneer your today and your tomorrow. Live effectively by living above the hurt.  Don’t allow anyone to dictate your happiness.

Another principle of living effectively is this,never piled up offences in the file of your heart. Life is so short to consecrate on non essentials.Don’t regard someone as though you cannot do without him or her.Nobody should be indispensable in your life such that you can let go especially those whose visions and dreams are not incongruent with your own.

One of the greatest hindrances to fulfilling destiny is wrong company.  

Dreamers and purpose driven individuals have few friends but productive and profitable ones. They live and talk with those who cause their babies to leap in their womb.It is very risky to company with those who are capable of aborting your baby.Anyone who does not add anything to the cup of destiny but only substracts is not worth being your friend.

Dear friend,be an intelligent friend,don’t follow everybody and everything.All that gliters is not gold.put off hurts from anybody, forgive and let go!


Enjoy your day…….



Today on living effectively

              DON’T BELIEVE YOUR DOUBT !

Do not believe your doubt and don’t doubt your beliefs,goes the timeless maxim.

It is often said that, you don’t know what you are capable of doing until you dare to do something above your limit and belief system.

It is interesting to know that every good and tangible items visible today is a product of a dream and an idea. The mother of all inventions is a dream once birthed from the mind of man. The basis of reality is primarily founded from a conception of an idea that is being translated into touchable and physical object.

Dreams remain a veritable tools with which individuals bring about a fulfillment of their aspirations and ambitions in life. without dreams and vision,as the scripture asserts,people perish due to obscurity and lack of direction. The veritable compass with which one can navigate successfully on the planet of life is dreams and vision.

It is worthy of note that,the concept of dream here is not an expression of life and multiple of daily activities that is being manifested or redisplay in the course of relaxation and sleep but is it a mental picture of a preferred future. It is a desire and vision to become someone relevant to society and the world as large.

Everyone dream.many a times,we dream big and frighten dreams that are total not conventional to the society and we are afraid to trust and believe them because, we have been taught by the society not to disrupt status quo as a result,we are afraid to dream big.

Sometimes, you are afraid to dream because, you feel the society will not believe it. But is it wisdom to know that it’s a good sign that it is a true vision. You must not forget,every dream and vision have only one believer first and that’s you.provided, you believe your dreams,its an evidence that its reality is forthcoming.

The tradegy lies in not believing your dreams and aspiring at all on the platform of fear of who will believe you. Living effectively therefore advocate that,you dare to dream big and believe your dreams

More importantly, start talking about your dreams.This because, you don’t believe your dreams until you start talking about them.The big ones may sound crazy and absurd to your hearers but it is impossible to shut up dreamers with criticism.

The question is,do you have one, if you do please, start to project and discuss it and if you don’t, dare to  dream big and believe your dreams. You will not be completely accepted until you have been totally rejected. Believe in what God has put in your mind. Dare to dream big,trust in God for your dreams and believe your dreams.


Living effectively…helping you to know why you are alive. Dare to dream big!!!



Today on Living Effectively

                   CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVES !

One of these great writers said “the world is like a sheet of paper on which something is typed. The reading and the meaning will vary with the reader, but the paper is the common factor, always present, rarely perceived. When the ribbon is removed, typing leaves no trace on the paper. So is my mind – the impressions keep on coming, but no trace is left.” 

It is often said that nothing is truly understood until you give it a meaning. Many people have different perspectives of what the world is. The ability to interprete the world correctly determines how effective and productive you live in it on daily basis. There are popular notions with which people view the reality of this world and how the world treat them. Some of which are as follows: 

The world is wicked. There is no doubt, the world is a wicked place. The scripture attests to this fact that, the whole world lies in wickedness. However, the concept wickedness is relative in this perspective. A person who failed to assume responsibility to redefined the state of his life terms the world being wicked. According to D.K. Olukoya, wickedness can be described as “A man who has not done any wrong to his fellow man but decide to hurt him for the hatred he harbours for him”. He further stressed that, wickedness is not retaliation. However, he is not advocating retaliation either. In essence, life is literarily what you put in it. The law of cause and effect is no longer alien to you as a caution for rational and proper living.

Others termed the world as being unfair to them. The question is, how fair is the world to a man who is not fair to himself? Ability to be rational and realistic in life makes the difference between those who think the world is not fair to them and those who are considered otherwise.

Other notions and belief systems say that those who are successful are lucky individuals. Every wealth is only a function of some rituals and illicit dealing. The economy is bad and unfavourable, it is impossible to succeed in African especially, in Nigeria. It is worthy of note that, no one is truly a failure until he find someone or something to shift blame to. Little wonder, it is often said that, winners take responsibility but losers blame others.

Nothing can stop a man who is determined to take responsibility to fix his life the way he wants it. It is therefore, wisdom to arise and take charge of your life and stop the blame game. Don’t forget, your time is ticking by the hour. If you are not careful, old age will catch in on you in the valley of despondency. Wake up!

Drop every brain damning mentality, wrong belief systems, wrong company, superstition, self pity, excuses and the likes, that are capable of impeding your progress in life. Resolve to think correctly henceforth and cultivate the right perspectives on who you truly are and what the world is. Change your perspectives and change the wrong philosophies!


Living Effectively…helping you to know why you are alive!!!



Today on Living Effectively

                         THE WINNERS’ DIET 

It is said that winners take responsibility but losers blame others. Whatever you permit you are responsible for; and whatever you allow, you can’t change. Responsibility, they say is the mother of destiny. The beauty of every destiny is a function of the level of responsibility you are willing to take in life. At creation, man was designed to take charge and responsibility for the course of life.This is practically demonstrated in Eden where he was placed to take charge of the garden. Every garden of your life ought to be properly taken care of by you not to be allowed unkempt. Those who dodge or evade responsibility are considered not man enough to face the reality life has to offer. 

As a matter of fact, the primary purpose for man’s creation for all and sundry is to take responsibility of what should happen at the garden of Eden. It is also worthy of note that the male entity as the apex of His creation is not only to take dominion over the female entity but also, to assume the position of authority in providing leadership and responsibility to his home and the entire society.

The headship which man is designed for is not superiority over a the female folks but essentially for  dignity and responsibility. God put man in there to take the lead and ensure everything is properly and 

adequately catered for. This is because, nothing happens, improves, grows or changes without leadership. If there is going to be any change in your life and family, career and destiny, leadership must be enforced. 

No matter how you complain, murmur, talk  or pray about negativities in our homes and society today, untill there a personal and collective commitment to arise and fix them, all will remain as they are. It is not wisdom to fold our arms and allow things to fall apart in our watch. 

Everything which has gone wrong in your life, family and our nation can be fixed by virtue of taking personal responsibility and stopping the blame game. This is why it is critical to remember that problems reign where solutions are ignored and darkness rule where the light is absent. You and I are the light and salt of earth and on the platform of calvary, we have been commissioned ambassadors and beacons of hope to our families and the society at large.

Dear friend, I wouldn’t know where things have fallen apart in your life and family in particular. However, am very sure of the degree of decadence ravaging our society like the whirlwind today. Is it nothing to you that things like poverty, barrenness, chronic sicknesses/diseases and untimely death are gaining ground in your family and in the neighborhood? How about the plague of rejection, depression, marital hardship/failure, financial difficulties etc. Do  you want to fold your hands to allow it have expression in your own life and destiny? Get up and fix it! 

Dear friend, you and I must dare to become the answers to our daily prayers for change. You and I must become an agent of change starting from our own Jerusalem. Let Christ count on you and me as ambassadors of change. 

What will you tell your children and posterity if you allow our values, righteousness and morality to fall apart? What will be your answers to your inquisitive kids and siblings why you didn’t succeed and make things happen the way you expected them. Dear friend, your life is too precious to toy with. You are too loaded to be crawling, get up and be incharge of any ugly trend going wrong in your life and dare to be the architect of your glorious fortune. Dare to take charge!!


Living Effectively….Giving your destiny identity and helping you to know why you are alive!!!